Milk Wagon

Item #: 16JM
An 11 x 14 photograph, hand printed from the original negative and signed by the photographer.  This is the first picture I took of an Amish person.  After becoming acquainted with the community because of my presence taking scenes and animals, I was told by this man that it would be all right if I took his photograph from behind so that he couldn't be recognized.  He promptly jumped onto his milk wagon and went down the road.  This is the resulting picture. This was the beginning of my "shooting" Amish people.  I always ask permission of the subject and agree not to show a recognizable face.  Some people agree to let me take the picture and some do not.  Whatever the case, I respect their feelings.  That is why none of my photos show a person's face.  Everyone who agrees is shot from the back or the side.  This particular picture was used in a temporary exhibit in a museum in Stockholm, Sweden a few years ago as an illustration depicting   evolution of European culture over the past few centuries. 

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